Kastet mig over hud retouching

Jeg har tit siddet med den “automatiske” healing brush i Photoshop CC og fjernet små urenheder og lignende men har nu valgt at gå lidt mere i dybden med hud retouching.

Som oftest bruger jeg guden Aaron Nace fra PHLearn.com som underviser. Jeg kan rigtig godt lide Aarons måde at forklare på og fordi hans workflow minder ret meget om mit eget.

Hold øje med bloggen eller min hjemmeside jflindt.dk for det færdige resultat


livebasketball.tv and the worst service I have seen!

Today the Basketball World Championsship starts in Spain. I thought it would be fun to watch the USA and a healthy Derrick Rose in action, so I purchased a subscription to livebasketball.tv as the games are not shown on danish television.

But I was quickly disappointed. Here is the number of errors and bugs I noticed within the first two hours.

1. First of I tried watching the game from my iPad but kept getting the same screen telling me that the game was geo-blocked in my country despite the list of geo-blocking countries on livebasketball.tv’s site stating the opposite.

I then switched to my Macbook Pro (running Mavericks 10.9.4) where the following errors happened in Chrome, FireFox AND Safari

2. By default the site tries to show me the Mexico vs. Lithuania game (even though that game is over) so I click on the Watch Now button beneath the USA vs Finland game … the page reloads and once again it tries to load the Mexico vs Lithuania game! Documentation: Selecting Wrong Stream

3. I (being a web developer) try opening the console in Google Chrome to see if everything is ok… it is NOT. It appears that there is a JavaScript that is not loading correctly and thereby preventing the feed from loading (as you can see in the end of the movie on the documentation link there is an error 500) Documentation: Failing to load any stream

4. I the try to go to the My Account page to check if anything there could be causing problems. But upon clicking the link this happens: My Account Error 500

5. Now I am starting to get really annoyed and decides to write livebasketball.tv with my findings and afterwards I want to log out. This is ALSO a difficult task for the website so when I click the Log Out button the pages reloads twice and surprise surprise I am still logged in. Documentation: Log Out Bug

It has now been two hours since I signed up at livebasketball.tv and paid to watch live basketball from the World Championship and I have not (yet) watched a single second of basketball and the game I actually wanted to see started over an hour and a half ago and is ending soon.

So let me just say Thank you livebasketball.tv for ruining my evening! I have written your customer support and asked for a refund and I hope you fix all this for future customers


A little video for all you guys and girls that feel they have to live up to the beauty ideals of magazines.

With a good photographer, make-up artist, hairdresser and photo-editor anyone can look like a skinny supermodel.

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Found this great bundle for Mac users, designers and photographers.

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